Lead sharing allows operators to "exchange" leads between them using ColivHQ. To be able to use lead sharing, an operator needs to:

  • Confirm that they are willing to share leads with other operators
  • Confirm that they are willing to receive (and compensate) other operators for their leads

Any operator can decide to only enable one of these two options, the two are not related. These two options are controlled from the My Company menu, under the Settings tab (but only an Admin user can make changes to these settings).

Sharing leads

An operator that has opted to share leads with others, can do so by clicking on the SHARE option in the requests pipeline view, on requests that are in early stage (Unqualified or Viewing). Before sharing a lead the operator is responsible to ask permission to share a prospect data--preferably with an email. The data about the Member (except for the source and source details) as well as the data in the Preferences section of a Request will be shared with other operators in the same city, that have opted to receive leads. Finally, note that if a prospect member already exists in another operator ColivHQ, they will not receive the shared lead.

Receiving shared leads

An operator that opts in to receive shared leads, will be receiving requests with the name starting with "Shared opportunity" and with a related activity on them "Received a shared opportunity from a partner."