Activities can be used to keep track of an event that happened or that will happen, in relation to one (or more) member, a home, a room, a request or an issue. Activity records are versatile, for you to be able to store whichever info you need to.

Activities can created from the detailed view of a record, by clicking on the + button next to the Activity related list for that particular record. Activities will also be autogenerated, for example by an incoming email or when an action is taken on a request. If an activity is autogenerated or created by another user, and assigned to you, you will get an email notification about it.

There are a few types of activities, to keep track of all possible events:

  • Call: to note down topics or questions discussed during a call 
  • Chat: to note down topics or questions discussed during an online chat or to save the transcript of the conversation, if a useful record in the future 
  • Cleaning: to keep track of a cleaning session
  • Contract: to store a contract document
  • Doc verification: to track when certain documents where verified and by whom
  • Email: copy of the email sent or received to a member
  • Issue: to keep track of resolution activities to fix a current issue
  • Meeting: to note down topics or questions discussed during a meeting 
  • Move-in: to track the time when a new member is moving in
  • Move-out: to track the time when a member is moving out
  • Screening: to keep track of any material used to screen prospective members
  • Viewing: to track when a prospective member is coming to see a home

To get a reminder to follow up on an activity, select the "To do" checkmark an enter a date for the to do. This will include the activity in the list of To dos on My ColivHQ. When the to do is done, simply check "Completed" to have the activity removed from your list on My ColivHQ.

To assign the activity to someone else, select their name in the User field.