To use your email with ColivHQ, you can add one or more email addresses to send emails (outbound email addresses) or to receive emails (inbound email addresses), and you can decide who can use these addresses (yourself, a certain user group, or everyone at the company).

Types of email addresses

Outbound email addresses

These addresses can be your own email or could be "group" emails for more than one person to use (like When you add outbound email addresses do your ColivHQ account, you will be able to send emails from ColivHQ directly from the application. This will save you time and will keep a track of all the activities happening with a prospect, a member or an alumni.

Inbound email addresses

These addresses are typically "group" emails for more than one person to use (like Any email received on this address will be added in ColivHQ as an activity and it will be related to a member, a request or an issue, whenever possible.

Access to email addresses

The access define who can use a certain email address. It could be one of the following options:

  • Me: you will be the only one who can use this email address to send emails
  • Sales: anyone in Sales will have the ability to send emails from this address
  • Community: anyone in Community Management will have the ability to send emails from this address
  • All: anyone at the company ca send an email from this address

Adding a new email address

Add a new email address by following these steps:

  1. Click on your user name or picture and on MY COMPANY
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Find the Emails section and click on the + button to add new email
  4. Enter the email address to add, select the appropriate type and the access
  5. Click Add to save

If you are adding an outbound email address, you will received an email to confirm that you have access to that email address. Click on the confirmation button on the email.

If you are adding an inbound email address, you will get a confirmation message with a forward email address. You (or your IT team) will need to forward the emails received on your inbound email address to this address for ColivHQ to have access.